Strengthening Networks in Peru

Strengthening Networks in Peru

Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo (GRADE) and Sector3 Social Venture Group have partnered in Peru to implement the Women Entrepreneurs Leading Development project (WELD).  The objective of WELD is to improve the growth and competitiveness of small enterprises in Peru by providing targeted capacity building for women business owners.  Specifically, the project will address existing market gaps in social and human capital.  Participating entrepreneurs will be exposed to two separate interventions to determine which strategy – individual mentoring or peer working groups – is more successful in improving business practices and profitability, and increasing leadership in

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GRADE (Group for the Analysis of Development) is a private, non-profit, non-political research center. Its mission is to conduct applied research to stimulate and enrich the debate, design and implementation of public policies. Since its founding in 1980 in Lima, Peru, GRADE has devoted itself to the study of economic, educational, environmental and social topics, in areas relevant to the development of Peru and other Latin American countries.

Sector 3 Social Venture Group is a nongovernmental organization that designs, develop and executes international development programs in partnership with other NGOs, private enterprises, international cooperations and public-private partnerships. 

The strategy will aim to improve current performance and market entry of female entrepreneurs by addressing both the human capital gap (formal business training) and the social capital gap (formation of improved social networks and improved self-esteem) through four components:

  • Component 1: Two introductory Management Excellence Workshops designed to establish baseline skills and tools used throughout the program
  • Component 2: Mentoring (personalized advising) and Peer Working Groups
  • Component 3: Mid-intervention Operational Improvement Workshop focusing on topics discovered through needs assessments conducted during the first half of the program
  • Component 4: Two open Educational Seminars to disseminate introductory-level business concepts for women hoping to enter the Peruvian business market

Following the implementation of the project, approximately 918 women will have been trained individually or in small peer groups, and 1,200 potential entrepreneurs will have participated in the introductory-level business education seminars. The project work will be implemented in Lima and Arequipa over a three-year period. Components will be delivered to three distinct treatment groups in order to facilitate program evaluation and monitoring outcomes, which will be performed by an independent third-party evaluator. Each group, those who receive Individual Mentoring, those who participant in the Peer Working Group, and those who do not participant in either, will contain 306 women, accounting for a 15% drop out rate assumption.