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This report explores how mobile services provided by Vodafone and the Vodafone Foundation are enabling women to seize new opportunities and improve their lives. Accenture Sustainability Services was commissioned to conduct research on the services and to assess their potential social and economic impact if they were... read more
Report | Mar 14, 2014
Women-owned SMEs face a range of financial and non-financial challenges in realizing their growth potential, and are more likely than their male counterparts to cite access to finance as a major or severe constraint on their business operations. This study aims to expose the business opportunity that this untapped... read more
This seminar focused on how the IFC brings the full array of resources and know-how available in the WBG to achieve transformational impact on gender equality. Speakers shared experience and lessons from IFCs proven approach, discuss market challenges and how stakeholder collaboration could enhance value and reach to... read more
Investing in women and girls is one of the highest return opportunities available in the developing world, as a wide range of economic research shows. Our own work has demonstrated that bringing more women into the labor force can significantly boost per capita income and GDP growth. Our research has also shown that... read more
Report | Mar 5, 2014
This report, based on the latest research from the International Business Report (IBR), explores the global shift in the number of women at the top of the business world and examines ways to make this growth permanent and parity possible. Key findings from the survey include:women hold 24 percent of senior management... read more
Report | Mar 4, 2014
The 2014 Global Financial Development Report: Financial Inclusion is the most comprehensive report yet on the topic. It comes as policy makers are pushing to reach the world’s unbanked — 2.5 billion people who make up about half of the world’s adult population. More than 50 countries recently set targets to improve... read more
Report | Jan 21, 2014
The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute’s women’s entrepreneurship index – the Gender-GEDI – measures the development of high-potential female entrepreneurship worldwide. Defined as “innovative, market expanding, and export oriented,” this gender specific Index utilizes GEDI’s unique framework, methodology... read more
Report | Jan 21, 2014
In this emerging landscape of multi-dimensional returns, investors are now using a “gender lens” to answer the following questions: Will my investment increase the flow of capital to men, women, or to both? And if the flow of capital and opportunity is disproportionately favoring one over the other, why is there a... read more
Report | Nov 21, 2013
The banking survey on small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) was first published in 2004, and since then, Latin American and Caribbean economies have grown, the region's socioeconomic landscape has changed significantly, and concurrently the topic of SME finance has attracted unprecedented levels of attention, not only... read more
Report | Nov 21, 2013
"Entrepreneurship is a significant source of women’s economic opportunity – employment and income generation – for both urban and rural women in low-income countries. Women entrepreneurs may participate in a wide range of activities, from undertaking income generation projects in their homes, to selling products in open... read more
Report | Nov 15, 2013